Irina Ivanova - IrrA is Filmmaker and Advertising Photographer.

As photographer she is primarily working with brands & artists on beauty, editorial & commercial content.

As filmmaker she is working on studio funded and independent projects from music videos & commercials to fashion & short films.

Her work is attentive to local realities, combined with a global sense for storytelling. She believes creativity should make a difference.

Represented by B2Y Productions, her clients range from brands & magazines to A-list actors & artists.

That's enough of talking about myself in the third person.

At first I intended to be a photographer fully motivated to become just that. Upon school graduation I worked as a full time assistant photographer for the Playboy magazine in my home country.

One thing led to another and I was graduating from the Film and Television Academy in Sofia with a bachelor's degree in Film Cinematography.

I became a (almost) fully fledged freelance cinematographer without ever planning to become one. Later on, I graduated from the Film Academy in London with a degree in Filmmaking & Producing.

A$AP Rocky and “LIFE IN A DAY“ 2020 are one of the recent artists and projects I worked for.

Through communication, attention to detail and always respecting the deadline, I work with people and brands to tell their stories.

I am looking forward to collaborating on future campaigns and individual projects. 

Let's make something happen!

Feel free to contact me at any time on any issue.

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